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Jonathan Manton with Senator Merkley

    “Thank you for your terrific work with “Team Merkley”.  We will miss you.  But I know Eastern/Central Oregon is gaining a superb advocate in Salem!”
          -United States Senator Jeff Merkley

    “I am impressed by the innovative contributions you have made that will continue our efforts to keep what makes Oregon most special…Your hard work has added tremendous value to our great state, and I am proud to offer my congratulations for your success.”
          -Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber

    “You were an integral part of making HB 3298 a reality.  Thank you for protecting one of Oregon’s iconic places.”
          -State Senator Betsy Johnson

    When [State Senator Floyd ]Prozanski was asked by [Oregon Governor Ted] Kulongoski to say a few words about the [passage of HB 2961], he turned the lectern over to Manton, calling him "the real person who pushed this through."
          -David Steves, The Register-Guard, 8/09/07

    "Jonathan Manton picked up our agenda and built a winning coalition of legislative champions and community partners to help us win the day. His commitment to progressive values and ability to work with leaders of every political background makes him an invaluable asset.”
         -Gerik Kransky, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

    “Thank you for helping make Crook County Oregon’s 150 Event memorable”
         -Mike McCabe, Crook County Judge

    “Jonathan was our eyes and ears in Salem.  He took the time to understand our organization and its goals and could therefore quickly spot legislation that was important to us.  He has an extensive network of contacts and is held in high regard by colleagues.  This makes him an effective and efficient advocate.”
         -Doug Hancock, President of Friends of the Metolius

    “You are our hero.”
         -Professor Merle Weiner and the Domestic Violence Clinic

    “Jonathan is part strategic planner, part government affairs maven, part cheerleader, and all heart.  When our organization was working to help clarify the law to make crossing the road safer for everyone, we were thrilled to have Jonathan on our side as our eyes and ears in Salem. He was able to help us cultivate relationships among legislators, to help us build a coalition of organizations to endorse the Crosswalk Safety Bill, and to inspire us to activate our members and supporters effectively. Jonathan stewarded us through a challenging legislative session with grace and humor. The WPC feels lucky to have the benefit of Jonathan's talent.”
        -Steph Routh, Executive Director Willamette Pedestrian Coalition

    “No one saw it coming…They didn’t think Teton County would have the highest rate of participation in the state or the highest support for Obama...those two figures continue to leave Democratic officials stuttering… ‘I am still trying to figure that out’, Wyoming Democratic Party spokesman Bill Luckett said of Obama’s support [in Teton County].  ‘I have heard that the organizers from the campaign were just fireballs and did an impressive job’… The Obama campaign sent out a young staffer [Manton] here.  ‘It was the organization and the commitment’, said Teton County Democratic Party Chairman Larry Hamilton…. ‘I could understand Johnson County and I could understand Albany County and a couple of the others’, Lucket said.  ‘I was just shocked by Teton County’. ”
       -Noah Brenner, Jackson Hole News & Guide, 3/12/08



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